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Helping Leaders Tap Into Their Hidden Power

Kim Faith Inspires People and Companies to ‘See’ the World Differently

Systems thinking expert, futurist, and thought leader Kimberly Faith is on a mission to help companies and individuals deal with complexity, transformation, and change. Translating big-picture connections to tangible awareness and action steps, she gives people the confidence to shift the direction of old, entrenched ways of doing and thinking to create the new reality they want.

“Think of me as a ‘systems renegade,’” says Kim. “What’s happening in humanity — both at the personal and professional level — is we’re heading towards a train wreck and we’re missing the warning signs. We have abdicated our personal responsibility for a number of things in our life, and we’re trusting larger systems, like technology for example, to have our best interests at heart — and they often do not. We’re entering an era where a shift in what’s guiding the systems we rely on in life is necessary and it is critical for each of us to claim sovereignty over self. We have the power to significantly change the direction of what’s happening around us in order for the next generation to thrive.”

Harnessing the Power of Women Thought Leaders

When she lived with her centenarian Italian mother-in-law, Kim was surprised to discover that some of the ways we talk and think about women today are carried over from 100 years ago:

“I would come home from a corporate client, listen to what I was hearing women say today, and then have conversations with my mother-in-law about these very same things. We are carrying over some of the belief systems from a long time ago.”

That compelled Kim to write a book aimed at inspiring women to grow in confidence as they free themselves from universal mindsets standing in the way of their success: “Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within & Live Your Fullest Life.

“I wrote this book because I believe we’re not asking enough questions about which beliefs are ours and which are a carryover from the past,” says Kim. “If you are already making conscious choices that this is what you want to believe, then by all means, that’s wonderful; however most of us - individually and collectively - are lacking awareness, and we’re doing and saying things without understanding why.”

“Your Lion Inside” offers a roadmap for women to unleash the power they have always known deep down that they have. As a partner in major transformations by women who have taken their success to the next level, Kim reveals how they did it, why they did it, and more importantly, how anyone else can do it, too.

Kim aims to inspire others to “Harness Our Power Everyday”: H.O.P.E.

Awareness is the first step in seeing the world differently, Kim explains: “When we are ‘in it,’ it's like swimming in a fishbowl. Awareness plucks you out of the fishbowl, shakes you off, and sets you down next to it, allowing you to see clearly for the first time. When your perspective changes, everything begins to shift. Is it possible that your conscious mind has been telling you one story, but your unconscious mind has been writing a different one? The time has come to disrupt yourself.”

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