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Tired of Fighting the System? Don’t Give Up.

The exhaustion is real. The weariness is tedious. There are times when giving in instead of leaning in seems like the only realistic alternative. When you find yourself at that intersection — wondering if your actions matter — know that they do matter. Every time we pause, reflect, and consciously choose our direction, we create a new reality — individually and collectively.

Lying Inside? Wake up the Lion Inside.

In spite of what you recognize as your conscious beliefs about women, are you lying to yourself? Is your subconscious belief system overriding how and who you want to be in the world? It’s time to let go of your smallness and awaken your inner lion.

Is the Glass Ceiling Also a Mirror?

Written to influence women to release universal mindsets standing in their way, “Your Lion Inside” offers a roadmap to unleash the power you have always known -- deep down -- you had. As a partner in major transformations by women who have taken their success to the next level, Kim reveals how they did it, why they did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do it, too. Prepare to be inspired.

S.T.O.P. to Ignite Change

When disrespectful behavior rears its head, we now have the tools to collectively say S.T.O.P. to ignite change: Shout To the world Our collective Power to drive change.

It’s Time to Leave the Limitations of Your Fishbowl

Is it possible that your conscious mind has been telling you one story, but your unconscious mind has been writing a different one? Awareness is the first step in seeing the world differently. When we are “in it," it's like swimming in a fishbowl. Awareness plucks you out of the fishbowl, shakes you off, and sets you down next to it, allowing you to see clearly for the first time. When your perspective changes, everything begins to shift. The time has come to disrupt yourself.

H.O.P.E. – Harness Our Power Everyday

From the suffragettes to the #MeToo movement, women have a long history of working together to lift each other up. With the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the United States, it’s time for women to harness their power, and work for the common good by releasing outmoded belief systems and drafting a better future for all.

Is It the System or Is It Me?

Everything that’s been created in this world has been through the lens of “his-story” — history. Now, we have an opportunity as women — especially as we’re entering this particular period of time, the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote — to look at the world through the lens of “her-story.” Why is that important? Because “her-story” always evolves into “our story.”
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